The Costs of Inequality: Joseph Stiglitz at TEDxColumbiaSIPA

There are some who say I am depressed and therefore I write about and call attention to the economic failures of our country. That assessment is exactly backwards. I am energized because our country is in an economic depression because of systemic factors that can be changed. 

How many people saw the Great Depression coming before that awful Black Thursday, September 4, 1929? Or how many foresaw the marked global economic decline that began in December 2007 and took a particularly sharp downward turn in September 2008? There were many people who predicted both events and the general public did not know, and the political element did not want us to know that there were terrible events approaching.

The same is true in 2014. All the ducks are lined up for a collapse. The middle class has been hollowed out by greedy people who bought our representatives in government. Laws were changed, safety nets have been eliminated, jobs have gone overseas, financial profits have been squirrelled away in foreign banks, businesses have closed, tax payers have bailed out failing banks, the stock market is booming, and money rolls off the printing press as if that were no cause for concern. 

The evidence is all there. We don't have no wonder what is happening and why. 

The good news is, a growing number of individuals are seeing what is happening and are forming coalitions of support and empowerment. They realize these systemic problems cannot be changed by rearranging the Titanic's chairs. Major forces bubble under the surface and the wise ones see that change has already happened, careful thought and creative action is already taking place. 

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