The Happiest States In America In One Map (INFOGRAPHIC)
Here is an interesting graphic

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Hmph ... I would have thought Ohio would be a bit better ... but then, we have to put up with Boehner here, and that's a bit of a load.  The housing bubble and the recession hit pretty hard, too, and I rather see the Buckeye State as still making the transition out of the steel- and manufacturing-based industries that took us through a good part of the last century.  I can't help but notice that Michigan is worse off, and a lot of that has got to do with Detroit, I would suspect.

Still ... can't help but notice those Deep South states, all in a block, and the correlation between them and their religiosity.  You'd think their god would make them happier, wouldn't you...

There surely is a different culture in the Deep South. I wonder if they explore reasons for their economic, political and religious situation? 

I'll personally vouch for Asheville, NC -- an island of sanity and irreverence in the South that is largely neither.


Northern Europe still looks good.

Yes, I noticed that! 


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