Haven't read the Mueller report yet? Yeah, me either, though I did download the PDF and glanced at the first couple pages. Stuff like that winds up being rather dry and impersonal in that format. However, put it on a stage with actors, inter-cut narrative with actual quotes from the participants, and you have an entirely different ball of wax. Written by Robert Schenkkan, a Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning screenwriter and playwright, The Investigation brings the two years of hard work of Robert Mueller to very vivid life, right along with the faux pas, missteps and potential felonies of the Trump Administration. I watched it yesterday and found myself never once bored or looking at my watch.

And with that in mind, I offer it to you, for your edification, education, and yes, entertainment. Please enjoy.  Oh, and in case you'd like to read the redacted Mueller report for yourself, you'll find it here.

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I’ve read all of Part Two, on obstruction. In Part One I’ve begun reading the testimony of specific witnesses.

But hell, I read SCOTUS rulings on First Amendment issues and on the famous historical issues.

Only if I know the video maker’s credentials and I’m chained down will I sit still for 1:20.09.




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