The Lawgiver   Chapter 1  

1. If one listens to the wisdom of those who sat in the councils of kings, and witnessed the government in many lands;  

2. One learns that whereas it is possible to rule lives and bodies, it is not so easy to try ruling minds – but nor is it right,  

3. For the human mind is a kingdom in itself, and wise rulers know where the borders of their own kingdoms lie.

Grayling, A. C. (2011-04-05). The Good Book (p. 395). Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Kindle Edition.

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Tom Paine said it more diplomatically than I say it here, but assassination persuaded ancient tyrants to moderate their greed. Persuading their people that heredity rather than violence entitled them to rule, they became monarchs.

Whether tyrants or monarchs, those who sat in their councils were robbers or thieves.

World War One ended the European monarchies.

World War Two reduced the number of European colonial powers to one, France. The Indochinese people and the Algerian people took away France's colonies.

America now wants to rule the world, using economic violence when possible and military violence when necessary.

Who rules America? Who sit in America's councils? Have they learned?

It's up to the American people to continue their education.

I just finished reading the entire Lawgiver book within the Good Book and am very pleased.

Lawgiver is a course in leadership and a complete introduction to the philosophy of leadership and statemanship. It discusses the importance of delegating tasks to trusted people according to their skills, it covers issues of trust, of friendship, of the purpose of laws, and many other important matters. There's a total of 33 chapters, and each has a specific goal or general purpose.

I think Lawgiver might be a useful beginning for an entire wisdom tradition surrounding issues of leadership.

This is my review of the entire Good Book, which I wrote for Society of Friends of Epicurus; I may at some point write a review for the Lawgiver book in specific in the future.

Joan & Hiram, your remarks persuaded me to check this book at Amazon and the reviews persuaded me to buy it for my Kindle.

I especially want to read what Grayling says about leadership. In a few days I will start a one-year term as president of a Toastmasters club, in which clubs members quip "You can make mistakes and accounts of your mistakes won't appear in any performance appraisals."

I enjoyed my years in Toastmasters club and learned many things from fine speakers. You write very well, I bet you give one dynamic presentation. 




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