"the people who wrote this myth originally did not understand how outlandish their claims were at the time, because they didn't know how big the planet was, or how tall the highest mountain was, or how many species there are, or what that much rain looks like. Once you do the equations, you can see that this is all made up. For the ignorant desert tribes during the time of Gilgamesh, there was no danger that anyone would call the authors out, but the people of modern times have no excuse for blindly accepting it."

The Math of the Great Flood

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A good video! I don't even think that a story like Noah's was made up, just blown up in the telling and retelling. He probably loaded his family, two goats and the dog in a rowingboat when his valley flooded - quite an event for a solitary family. Once you see that pattern, you see it everywhere: in Gilgamesh, the Mahabharata or the bible. Read with this idea, the stories are much more human and enjoyable.





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