Another fine article from Ruth Anthony-Gardener.

"In all our calculations about the cost of dealing with climate change, lets not forget to do the “moral math.” If we don’t, our moral bankruptcy will bring disaster to us and to countless beings living on our planet.

"The future of the world depends on each one of us broadening and deepening our understanding of what is environmentally moral. The future depends on our moral imagination as a species. [emphasis Ruth's]"

Quoted from The Moral Math of Climate Change, with Psychotherapist Mary Pipher and Bill McKibben


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Thanks Joan! Wonderful of you to support Ruth!

Steph, It is very easy and appropriate to support Ruth and her wise councel. Her insights, clarity, and humor make a powerful difference in this world. 

How very sweet of you to say! I support you too Joan!

Thanks. Your support comforts me. 

Part of broadening and deepening our understanding of what is environmentally moral that's hard, is to face up to the profoundly evil consequences of fossil fuel industry plans.

No politics,  economics or Atheist take deals with reality until they "grok" the terrifying new math of Climate Change.




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