The New York Times is Wowed that Obama’s Six Rubinites Support Larr...

Let's take a look at the Rubinites who support Larry Summers for chair of the Federal Reserve Board. 

Robert Rubin’s protégés:  

Gene Sperling,

Jason Furman,

James Stock,

Jacob Lew,

Penny Pritzker,

Sylvia Mathews Burwell,

Timothy Geithner

Rahm Emanuel

Alan Greenspan


“Rubinites demand to be put in charge of the Fed because they’ve caused so many more crises than Yellen that they have vastly more experience trying to deal with crises.  When we were financial regulators we found it desirable to avoid creating crises.  Summers and Rubin did not respond well to the crises they helped cause.  Their “solutions” caused great misery in much of the world for decades.”

~ William K. Black

Posted on New Economic Perspectives,

September 3, 2013 by Devin Smith



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