The Obscenity of Christianity

Reading the bible as a christian, I was constantly bombarded with killing, looting, and enslavement under direction of god. How could such a god be moral? or ethical? or compassionate? 

No, biblical stories could not justify such behaviors. Some say god has the authority to instruct and those killed are blessed, those looted are deserving, those enslaved must submit to their master. 

Evil. Evil is as evil does.  Seems to me I have heard that phrase before!

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You heard something similar, perhaps, from a man who, the last I knew, was a shrimper who originally hailed from Greenbow County, Alabama.  Maybe he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he learned a lot from his mama, who told him among other things that "Stupid is as stupid does."

How you get much stupider than the bible, I am not certain.

Most bible scholars have come to the realization that the remaining texts, most of which were written a long time after the events to which they allude, have been copiously copied by hand (manu-scripts) and all of the texts found or preserved were not acceptable to the fat-asses in Rome for their final edition.

which, (buy the Way) or (buy the whey), is worshipped as some "living" book written by G-d.  Well, by god, it was written, of that I am sure.  Hand written.  How do I know?  G-d told me.  HE said, "The men who wrote the OD used this priceless tactic to command the deaths of millions of people, the removal of millions of foreskins for money (can you imagine that the stupid Jews paid the priests to mutilate their boys?), the public execution of thousands, and we are not sure how much longer this will go on.  But", HE said, "my hands were tied to do anything about it because, like Santa Claus, I was very busy keeping everything spinning".  HE said, "earth is nothing, I have so much to do to watch over this infernal mess, I don't have a lot of time for earthly monkey business.  If you would stop trying to get MOI to do everything for you, you'll never do it for yourself.  GET A LIFE".  That's what HE said and then HE up and piss-a-deerrrrd.  I mean, vanished.  Sorry!  I'm old.

That is he! :>)

Reading the buybull all the way through, instead of just selected texts (selected by ministers and Sunday school teachers...or "official" Sunday school curriculum publishers) was what made me finally realize that it was/is FICTION.  ALL of it!

Almost every atheist I know who was raised in some (usually protestant) church has told me the same thing.  We were constantly told to look in the buybull for answers, so we did, and found genocide and other horrors, plus out-and-out fairy tales.  The Catholic Crutch had a very good reason for originally keeping ordinary people from reading that book.  It's either ghastly or silly...very little in between.




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