Wait a minute! What is the goal here? To protect the petroleum industry, when our major risk is increased pollution of the Earths air system?

Why do we want to grow crops to burn in combustion engines when that is a major contributor to air pollution? Biofuels are taking food out of starving mouths by increased demand on corn and bio-fuels, increased prices of food, depleting our soils, and polluting waters of the Earth?

It is past time to get off the fossil fuels and biofuels and turn to other forms of sustainable energy. Fighting this fight does not solve the underlying problems facing Earth.

EPA proposes cut in ethanol mandate, handing victory to oil

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I remember before the Iowa caucus for the 2008 election.  As I recall, Obama came out big for corn ethanol.  At the time, from other readings, it seemed the environment cost in fuel, fertilizer, processing etc were more than just using gasoline.  Plus it takes land out of conservation lands and food production.

I don't know how the equation has changes since then.  It seemed at the time like a calculate play for Iowa votes, and that was maintained until now.  Maybe I'm just suspicious.


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