"The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, the best gauge of establishment right-wing thinking in the nation, blames the anemic recovery on “regulation and ObamaCare.” They got one thing right: The recovery is anemic. In fact, it’s the worst recovery on record. When you consider how far the economy fell in 2008 and 2009, the slow pace of growth is even more startling. But it has nothing to do with regulation or Obamacare. Businesses expand and hire only if they have more customers. Yet American consumers, who account for 70 percent of all economic activity, can’t spend more. The median household is poorer now than it was in 2009. Over 95 percent of all the gains since then have gone to the top 1 percent. And, of course, most Americans can no longer borrow as they did before the Great Recession, to make up for flat or declining wages. Get it? The underlying economic problem is America’s surging inequality. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page won’t point this out. The interesting question is why the mainstream media won’t, either. Nor will any prominent politician, from the President on down.

Robert Reichhttps://www.facebook.com/, Oct 24, 2013

emphasis mine. 

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