The Rightful Place for Science - AC Grayling

“If there is a deity of the kind imagined by votaries of the big mail-order religions such as Christianity and Islam, and if this deity is the creator of all things, then it is responsible for cancer, meningitis, millions of spontaneous abortions everyday, mass killings of people in floods and earthquakes - and too great mountain of other natural evils to list besides. It would also, as the putative designer of human nature, ultimately be responsible, or the ubiquitous and unabatable human propensities for hatred, malice, greed, and all other sources of the cruelty and murder people inflict on each other hourly.” 
― A.C. Grayling

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Joan, if anyone needs chemotherapy it's A.C. Grayling. That hairdo gives him away as a loony.

I can't see much use for philosophy in my life.

I wouldn't like to be a philosopher. It would be boring and everyone would think I'm useless.

Oh! you make me laugh ... "hairdo gives him away as a loony".

I say stuff the philosophers because my philosophy is 'we are hear for a good time, not a long time.'




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