"When change is needed most it is often so far removed from the general public's ability to conceptualize the change that an incipient outcry occurs. Think Copernicus and the heliocentric theory. Think democracy. And think back to when school was first mandated. The masses all said, "No way. Ain't gonna happen."

"What do you think? What would a school in the cloud look like?"

Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud

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Impressive, Joan! The business about knowing becoming obsolete didn't quite click for me, because successful utilization of internet resources depends to some extent upon what the searcher knows. And isn't his success what the children know after participating in a sole?


  • Learning as the product of educational self-organization is creative, as he implements it in Self-organized learning environments.
  • Good point about the threat of punishment in school shutting down the ability to learn.
  • Shifting the balance from threat to pleasure sounds great.
  • Grannies on skype to sort out problems is also a creative approach.

I was concerned about how these children can tell which information from the internet is valid. After all, there's tons of deliberate misinformation and hate competing with legitimate sources. An ignorant searcher wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Even adults with high school education are fooled by climate denier and other malicious special interest sites.


Valid points. Obviously, he fed into the computer what he hoped they would learn. Others would not be so benevolent. This technology use is rife with exploitation of those who don't understand the difference between learning what will be useful in their lives, the value of focused attention, and the  importance to be self-disciplined. Having free access to what is available carries risks that may be too high. I would like to sit down with him and talk about these and other issues.  


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