The Zen Predator of the Upper East Side

Another bit of evidence of hanky-panky in a manipulative, exploitative group under the guise of Zen Buddhism. They just keep sprouting up like cockleburs, a prickly bur that clings readily to dependent, vulnerable, immature, and gullible individuals who seek enlightenment. 

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the lesson is still the same, if you want to explore zen or similar things: do it on your own or find a book about it.

Chris, I know you are on to a very important distinction. I read a lot of Buddhist material even as I find the Buddhists I know to be as attached to dogma and ritual as anyone who puts their faith in an ancient wise one. 

I think you make the same distinction: to take note of whatever is wise or useful but never to take the package they offer you...

Interesting, thanks Joan. This should be shared with Atheist Buddhists.

Thank you Ruth. I will share it with  Atheist Buddhists.




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