I don't know the history of the influences creating a World War I, other than cultures deeply divided by class. The wealthy were born to entitlement that the poor were not. I wonder what were the cause of unrest. 

The settlement, World War One - The Treaty of Versailles imposed heavy penalties on the German people

War Guilt clause - Germany to accept blame for starting the war.

Financial Clauses - Reparations - Germany was to pay for the damage caused by the war. The figure of £6,600 million was set some time after the signing of the treaty.

WW II was a different matter, at least as far as I understand. The German people were burdened with a horrible penalty for causing the economic hardships after WW I and  Fascism rose in Germany with Hitler at the head.  Italy, France's Vichy regime, Japan and many other countries were in turmoil with fascism taking over to quell the unrest.

I see parallels today in our country. Wealth growing, exponentially, now and working class in competition with Third World cheap labor. Financial markets were given their wishes of a laissez faire form of financial management. Wealthy are legally able to avoid paying taxes and wage-workers and small businesses carry the load, with worsening financial resources. 

A growing number of people fall farther behind economically and there is frustration, anger, chaos, and turmoil in USA and other countries. The ducks are lining up for a major confrontation. A contributing factor is the climate change with all its ramifications. A strong body of our citizens believe there is no climate change and what change that is occurring is not human caused. 

Well, there is a growing income gap, there are too many workers and not enough jobs, producers of goods and services do not share in the profit produced by them, climate change is real, and it is human caused. How are these conflicts going to be resolved, and will it be in time to prevent a tipping point both of class and climate? 

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