Germany, after WW I, economically devastated, and overwhelmed by the Versailles treaty, was forced to pay incredibly heavy reparations to France and Great Britain. The political strains and conflicts made Germany particularly vulnerable. They built their economy on loans, mostly from the U.S. and they depended on foreign trade. The loans came due when the German markets dried up. The “well oiled German industrial machine quickly ground to a halt.”

Production fell, employers laid off workers, banks failed, private savings disappeared, and Inflation followed. The middle-class declined and fell into poverty. The German people looked for a solution, any solution. 

Hitler capitalized on these tensions. 

The Rise of Adolph Hitler: The Great Depression Begins.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

“Hitler gambled in 1923, attempting to overthrow the young German democracy by force, and lost. Now he was determined to overthrow it legally by getting elected while at the same time building a Nazi shadow government that would one day replace the democracy.”

IMHO, Trump does not have the skills of a politician, however, his goals include exploiting those who work for him, cheating those who do business with him, and dominating the output using the skills and techniques of a bully. The result of Trump's thinking mirror those of Hitler. 

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