Trump Ordered Border Agents To Break The Law 

Why do church members not confront Trump on his separation of families?
Why do they not challenge him when he refuses to disclose his taxes?
Why do religious people not defy him when he does not put his business interests into blind trusts or sell his businesses?
Why do they not question Trump when he claims to be a practicing religious man?
Why do spiritual people not investigate his lack of ability to tell the truth?
Why do they not examine his statements and confront his obvious lies?
Why do holy people not review his ethical core and find him lacking?
Why do they not analyze Trump's policies and find them immoral?
Why do moral people not recognize his practices of bullying women and hold him accountable?

Religion did not stop people from owning slaves or turning women into second-class citizens, so it is of little wonder that they do not see immoral and unethical thinking and behavior when faced with the evidence.
The bible did not prevent people from recognizing domination as a cruel way of organizing people, so I should not expect it to guide them in believing in cooperative social structures.
Prayer presents the weakest of ways to solve problems, so, we know it takes more to resolve conflicts.

We have a president of the US that thinks and acts as if he were a criminal, I believe him. Why do churches, the religious, and the spiritual remain silent in the face of obvious evidence?

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I think the USA is deeply polarized, and people feel compelled to be in one camp or another. Once they are in a camp, they begin to behave like people in a sect: lots of DON'Ts and the most important DON'T is don't criticize the leader because that means bad publicity for the whole camp.

But there are probably more ways to view the problem..

Of course, Plinius, you correctly site the polarization and people responding from tribal compulsions. As far as I am concerned, the hypocrisy of being a part of the false-love tribe solidifies my position. 

So much there shocks me, but doesn't surprise me any more.

"A clear pattern of criminal behavior," yup.




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