Affirmation of Office, Village of Broadwater, Nebraska December 3, 2012 (credit wife BethKz)

Bible in lower right of photo, not used for my Affirmation).

Three other trustees not pictured.

On Monday, December 3, 2012, I took the Affirmation of Office as a Village Trustee of the Village Board of Broadwater, Nebraska, in the first meeting of the Village Board of Broadwater in its new Village Hall.

The ceremony installing three new trustees to the board was photographed by a reporter for the Bridgeport (NE) News-Blade’s December 4 front page. (The News-Blade does not have a Website.)

Following the ceremony, I was appointed to the Village Park Committee and the Village Flag Committee. (The park committee administers the Broadwater Village Park, the flag committee ensures the national flag is properly displayed at all village flagstaffs.)

My wife Beth was appointed to a four-year term as a board member of the Village of Broadwater Public Library Board. She was previously appointed to temporarily fill a vacant seat on that board. She is now the board's vice-president.

My wife and I are openly atheistic in this village of 127 in the Panhandle of Nebraska. According to Pew Research (if you can trust 'em) Nebraska is the most openly-religious state outside the Bible Belt.

The village is quite religious (I live across the street from the Lutheran Church, packed every Sunday), but its people are also pragmatic. (I didn't duck fast enough when a trustee died in October and the board unanimously selected me to fill the remainder of the late trustee's term until the next election in 2014.)

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Yeah, I heard about Newt's claim.

On the other hand, anyone Newt proposes to as a wife should be wondering if he can be trusted.

Broadwater may be a religiously oriented village, but it is also filled with pragmatic people. Beth and I want to work with and for the village, they jumped on that.

This is so inspiring!  Thank you!  You give me hope.




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