Oliver Sacks on Humans and Myth-making

"science springs from a sense of nature’s mysteriousness and the wonder of nature. And there is no need to invoke anything supernatural. Indeed, I think too much involvement in the supernatural may blind one to the wonder of nature."

To look outside oneself for definition, purpose and meaning is to miss the great wisdom that comes with our being. 

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Great presentation by Mr. Sacks. I agree.

Having participated in this forum for some time I have noticed that some Atheists do not dismiss the supernatural entirely. In my opinion people who embrace the supernatural are inhibited in their thinking rendering them unable to think rationally and freely thereby misunderstanding themselves and the world. Some are mad.

I agree Napoleon - exactly! The supernatural does not exist!

A certain degree of irrationality is inevitable in human beings.  It's a function of the fact that humans are not automatons, nor are they computers, nor are they anything within a light-year of being perfect.  We make mistakes, we are fallible, we frequently get it wrong before we get it right.

However ... systematized, organized, institutionalized irrationality ... That Is Another Matter ... and that is what religion is.  It is irrationality, given permission and license by the culture it occupies, frequently without an attendant recognition of the potential effects of that irrationality: the misinformation and damage which accompanies it.  Worse, irrationality which presumes to be true and more: which presumes to have the unvarnished TRUTH, which all humans must believe in or die.  Irrationality ascending to such a level is bad enough, but when it assails rational thought, reasoned inquiry and logic and declares them to be somehow flawed and lacking ... clearly, too much rein has been given it, without control, without oversight, without THOUGHT.

Like nothing else on this planet, institutional irrationality is DANGEROUS ... and must be STOPPED.

Right Loren! That irrational thinking is harmful to society. We need to educate others - plant the seed of Freethought and critical thinking skills.




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