Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip

Climate change is a fact; so is denial of many voters, members of Congress, the President, and those who stand to profit from it. Political reaction based on bad science, propaganda, fear, and the old goals of greed and profits at any cost is real.  

"Wake Up, Freak Out, and Get a Grip, tells this story in cartoon form and it is real. 

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Okay ... I have never been a climate-change denier, and I'd like to think I'm being pretty responsible about how I conduct myself with regard to energy consumption ... but right now, I'm officially both a bit freaked out ... and more than a bit worried about my daughter, who will far more likely be stuck with whatever we do or don't do about this.

That has been my worry, too, Loren. I have five great-grandkids, their parents are doing many things  right to address what is happening, and they are closely involved with my daughter and her husband. So they know what is happening. They know they can't do what our generations did. They have to create a new way of being and doing if they want to survive. One thing they don't want to give up is their big vehicles and gas-guzzling recreational vehicles. In their favor, they both take medical and fire fighting training and belong to their rural volunteer fire department. They realize the forests are moving north, and the one they live in is changing in ways that they can recognize. 




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