The title of this group is, "Politics, Economics, and Religion."  To that trio I would like to add a fourth element which has become more significant in recent days: Sports.  An odd addition?  I don't think so.  Ever since Colin Kaepernick first refused to stand for the National Anthem in protest for the deaths of black men, mostly at the hands of white police officers, he has garnered a considerable controversy around him.  Now, as 45* has sided de-facto with white supremacists and neo-Nazis, Kaepernick has not only gained more notice but co-conspirators and supporters, among them Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and Tom Brady ... never mind a considerable portion of the National Football League, who protested the man who is supposed to be our chief executive in multiple fashions this past Sunday.

Not new at all to this chorus of protest is GQ commentator, Keith Olbermann.  Keith's background both in news and sports reporting makes his singularly qualified to opine on the meeting of politics and sport.  This he has done, and Keith has minced no words in doing so.

I commend his commentary to your attention.

Resist.  Remove.  Peace.

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Seems as if sports IS a political religion isn't it?

Certainly, sports can be something of a religion, Patricia, but in this case I think what's happening is a reaction to what the Orange Nightmare has been laying down.

Yes, I realize that. Its all over our news too, & nightmare it is!

I also read a comment today that if kneeling players are disrespectful, kneeling xians must also be disrespectful.

Seems like there's a disconnect between those two images, doesn't there?

Yes, a disconnect indeed!




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