Welfare? Who benefits? Who pays? 

“Residents of “blue” states send more tax money to Washington than they get back in federal help, while residents of “red” states send less money to Washington than they get back in federal help.”  

For  every tax $1.00 it sent to Washington, D.C., 

New Jersey received only $0.74 in federal spending 

New York got back            $0.81 

Connecticut:                      $0.82 

Massachusetts:                 $0.83 

For every tax $1.00 it sent to Washington, D.C., 

Mississippi received $2.13  in federal spending  

West Virginia:            $2.07 

Kentucky:                 $1.90 

South Carolina:        $1.71

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Joan, Democrats want wealthy people to pay higher taxes and use the money to help poor people.

What’s wrong with wanting wealthy states to pay higher taxes and using the money in poor states?

Tom, there is nothing at all wrong with wealthy states paying higher taxes and using the money in poor states. 

It is when poor states and poor people claim entitlement to goods and services from others that they cannot or will not earn for themselves is what I object. An able-bodied person or a state or a country that cannot support themselves have choices:

1. Live within their means; 

2. Live without whatever;

3. Ask for basic assistance until he/she/it can get on his/her/its feet;  

4. Learn new skills, find new jobs; 

5. Create his/her/its job. 

For those too young, too old, too disabled, too unabled, I am willing that my tax #s be used to help them. 

For those who are able to work, and there are no jobs for which they qualify, get qualified in a field that needs workers. Many jobs go unfilled because there are no qualified workers. 

Joan, I started a reply that would have said little more than:

“Ignore RR; he talks too much and says too little.”

Then I realized that he is playing “Divide and conquer.”

He succeeded.

The people who say “Our democracy” HOPE TO succeed.

America has always been a plutocratic oligarchy. In the 1787 Convention, Hamilton said he wanted “the rich and well born” to govern. Madison spoke of protecting “the opulent minority from the majority”.

A Demo activist in Arizona gave me “Don’t get angry; get even.” I don’t give advice.

Tom, to which RR do you refer?

Are you saying that people who hold beliefs that they are entitled to the goods and services of others and they don't have to work for a living is fair?

Or, are you saying that slave-owning societies prosper as a culture because of that value but fall behind those societies that do not believe in such practices is just? 

Why is the South making claims on the resources of the North? 

Why is there so much deep poverty in the South and a different kind of poverty in the North? 

Why were segregated schools allowed in the South and not in the North?

Why are too many Native populations living in abject conditions, even prevented from thriving? 

Why do Black populations fall behind Asian populations?

Should Asians-Americans support African-American populations?

Is that what you call, "Divide and conquer?"

Go into any pocket of poverty, North or South, and one finds societal structures that create the condition of poor nutrition, education, housing, healthcare, neglect of children and the elderly. 

Historically, Blacks work hard, do the dirty work no one else will do and remain poor. Why?

Mexicans do the "Bend-over work" that others will not do and remain poor. Why?

Women, typically, take care of children, the infirm, the elderly, clean our houses and offices and remain poor. Why?

Men, typically, do the dirty & dangerous work needed by society and remain poor. Why?

What all these examples reveal are systemic problems. They reveal symptoms of a failed culture. We live in a society that is failing, not because of Trump, he is only a symptom. 

Now, as to the economics of a failing society, I suggest a video, 

American Bread & Circus (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 10)

What does it take to make a successful society? Well, that is a topic for another Discussion. 

Oh! I should have remembered, Robert Reich. 




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