Were Will Lynch Jurors Correct to Ignore Law?

"I was perpetuating the cycle of violence" in attacking Lindner in the parlor of his Jesuit retirement home.

~ Will Lynch 

"I don't know how many people have the courage to do what Will Lynch did. He told the truth. They found him not guilty."

~ Lynch's attorneys,  Pat Harris and Paul Mones

Will Lynch with supporters 

Father Jerold Lindner now lives in Los Gatos, California at Sacred Heart a retreat for Catholic clergy. San Francisco resident William Lynch said he has suffered nearly three decades of irreparable emotional and psychological harm, and attempted suicide two times, because of what happened to him at the hands of Jesuit priest Jerold Lindner during a church-led, family camping trip in the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1975. Lindner was removed from active ministry in Los Angeles in 1997 in response to a civil suit filed by Lynch that year. In September of this year, the priest was returned to Sacred Heart. A retirement and medical center for about 65 Jesuit Roman Catholic priests and brothers, it has become a place where priests suspected of abusing children can be safely housed. Photo Received December 13, 2002. 

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I read the Black Collar Crime Blotter in every issue of Freethought Today, and I do NOT understand why these child-rapists get such light sentences, or none.  Embezzlers and tax evaders serve more time.

Life in prison without possibility of parole.  Period.  (The death penalty is too expensive with appeals, etc...  Just lock them up, and maybe let the other prisoners settle the matter.)

Hopefully, more people will reveal their experiences ... the best treatment is open records. 

There are two odd things that keep recurring in most of the accounts I have read: when the children were able to bring themselves to tell their parents what had happened to them, either they were not believed (!!!), or, instead of going straight to the police, the parents went to the church authorities to complain.  What did they expect the church to do except try to cover its a$$?

I can't imagine what it would feel like to have my parents disbelieve me about such a horrifying thing...must compound the pain enormously.

As for the other, any thinking person would know that an organization as large as the Catholic church, with so much to lose, would do its best to shove everything under the rug.

It's all just crazy.

It is hard to reconcile ethically and legally, but I'm glad they did. From what I read Lynch did not cause permanent physical damage to the priest.  But the priest caused him permanent harm.

It is harder to understand why the priest pressed charges for a  "vicious" and painful attack"  and then had the nerve to take the 5th. Galling and sick.




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