I know, some people urge me to "get a life," "my anger does more harm to atheism than good," "why am I so angry?" "present the evidence". I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard these and other such responses. But stop and think about it a minute, what do the 1% want from the 99%?



follow direction? 

do as your told? 

yield to authority? 



herd mentality? 



division (as in hierarchy)?



follow direction? 

teach obedience?

discourage critical thinking?

forgive them for they know not what they do?

Do you see a pattern here? Do these words ring with familiarity? Do you see research funded that shows not only correlation but cause? Who benefits by these behaviors? Who  pays? Do these behaviors enhance flourishing? 

These ingredients maintain and perpetuate the passive lifestyle. Does this sound familiar?  


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Oh Yes! "sputtering and thinking of great things to say later" are all too familiar.

I get performance anxiety because I am always spouting a viewpoint that no one here (my town, family, work place) shares

That is one of the reasons I like being 76 years old. I don't have to answer to anyone, not even my kids. I don't have to be nice, unless I want to be. I don't owe anyone anything, except reciprocal friendship and neighborliness. Those are fun obligations. I no longer have to be on time for work, or ask for time off, or hope I get my vacation hours/days. The down side is I am too pooped to do anything like I used to do. Oh well, I have a paradise in my back yard and who wants to go traipsing off to something that costs a lot of money anyway. 

I have strong opinions and can express them without it costing me anything. Oh, I would have it so for you, too. 

Hear hear!

Joan I need to put tongue rings in all my self-piercings, I'm constantly biting my tongue to keep my head where we live!

Yes, where is the anger that is long overdue? Are we so cowed (is that how to spell what I mean), that we are impotent? 

Let's hear a cheer for anger! and then go out and have some fun!

I offer an affirmative to that! Anger is a whole lot better than terror! A FREE COUNTRY! YES!

Right booklover - let's be angry.

I have a better idea:


Organized would be a great change of pace!

I would like to add that 'they' want 'less of us', I read a manifesto of theirs when the think tank Project For The New American Century was still an active Bush think tank, that they actually felt that a number closer to 2.5 billion humans on the planet (memory fails the exact number atm) would be easier for them to sustain, more resources and all that jazz... Creepy... I haven't looked to see if that site still exists of late, if it does check their archives.

I wonder if "they" have a full appreciation of just how many of "us " are required to maintain an infrastructure which would be sufficient to handle the lifestyle to which "they" are accustomed.

I also wonder if, under such circumstances, "they" would be prepared to deal with an insurrection by "us."  Think about it: they might have monetary influence, but we have numbers.  Who do you suppose wins under such circumstances?



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