What is good for males and wealth building vs. what is good for females, children, elderly, and disabled?

I talked with women in 32 nations and the people who provide them social services looking for differences and similarities to USA style of governance. I asked seven questions regarding family structure, education, health care, child care, elder care, income security, and family violence.

The Scandinavian countries stood out as providing safety nets for women and their children. It has one of the highest standards of living in the world. To do this, there is a socialistic shield with life-long education, cradle to grave health care, child care often linked with elder care, income security and a low incidence rate of family violence.

After these basic needs are met, capitalism takes over and they have robust enterprise. In 200, industry contributed about 28% of the annual national income and agriculture about 1%. Sweden's chief exports are machinery, motor vehicles, paper goods, pulp and wood, iron and steel products, and chemicals.

According to Wikipedia, currently, "Sweden has a two-step progressive tax scale with a municipal income tax of about 30% and an additional high-income state tax of 20–25% when a salary exceeds roughly 320,000 SEK per year. Payroll taxes amount to 32%. In addition, a national VAT of 25% is added to many things bought by private citizens, with the exception of food (12% VAT), transportation, and books (6% VAT). Certain items are subject to additional taxes, e.g. electricity, petrol/diesel and alcoholic beverages."

Gini index measures the extent to which the distribution of income or consumption expenditure among individuals or households within an economy deviates from a perfectly equal distribution.

USA Gini, 47.7 high deviation, 39th 2009. United States Census Bureau. September 12, 2012. Retrieved January 23, 2013.

Sweden Gini, 24.4, low deviation, Eurostat Data Explorer. Retrieved 13 August 2013.

List of countries by income equality

To me, the question is what is good for males and wealth building vs. what is good for females, children, elderly, and disabled?

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Joan, thanks for the info and the link to more.

What irony. American exceptionalism (the belief) is possible only because we are ignorant and proud of our ignorance.

I will use it in a speech in my Toastmasters club, where I am THE atheist and I don't pledge allegiance to the flag. I challenged the other members, most of them veterans, to pledge allegiance to the Constitution. Though the veterans all took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the big C, their minds have been programmed and they are unable to pledge allegiance.

A 1940 SCOTUS decision described the pledge as a means to bring children into the political culture. The bible has words about giving up childish things; I might do a speech about holding onto childish things.

Great ideas! I fail to understand how young soldiers willingly go to war for the false purpose of empire building and continue expressing loyalty to a pledge that violates basic Constitutional principles. Keep up your good work!

Joan, according to James Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me, the American history taught in schools isn't intended to educate students; it's intended to make them feel proud to be Americans. I read the 1995 edition. I have the 2007 update on my Kindle but haven't started reading it yet.

I don't recall seeing in Loewen's book that part of the reason for the Revolution was that England was keeping the western lands (the Appalachians) for native Americans. Many of the founders were in the land business and they wanted to sell that land to settlers.

America has been empire building at least since the Monroe Doctrine. It told Europe's rulers to stay out of this hemisphere.

As to the pledge, its daily recitation does to kids' minds what the daily religion classes in Catholic schools do; it turns off the thought process.




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