Grief is not to be avoided, but embraced to give voice to the voiceless and suffering.
What is the sound of grief arriving in the heart? Does it arrive like the decisive snapping of a twig…or is it closer to the rolling thunder, lashing rain and buffeting wind attendant to a terrible storm. Grief seizes you as if you are being blown, buffeted, broken apart, and shattered and scattered by elemental forces, because that is what is taking place. 

The most powerful human feelings are i
nvoked by inhuman forces. The Great Thought, the presence of immanence, we know as Eternity, that is present in the states of being we experience as Love and Death are archetypal in nature. It is our task to make these experiences human. One must launch the vessel of selfhood upon their powerful, indifferent waters. Otherwise, one faces the drowning tide of oceanic forces. 

The energies of the cosmos are eternal. Because you are not, you must endeavor to make your individual voice heard. Eternal forces are possessed of all the time in the world; quite obviously, no mortal has that privilege. 

When grief arrives, strive, in the here and now, to make it speak your name. That is the essence of The Blues. The form bestows a human face on the faceless countenance of impersonal suffering…insists that it recognized the face of the sufferer…that it recognize the unique, individual quality inherent to grief. 

Grief do your work on me -- yet, as you do so, I'm doing work of a similar nature on you. You are blowing through me like a relentless storm, but, as you do so, you are carrying forth my unique song.

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