Why does this disparity exist? Well, change the policies and practices and the income gap changes. It is clear that the Democratic party has not represented those who work for wages. Thomas Frank gives an explanation of how and why the U.S. wage gap grew and continues to grow.
The Democratic party does not address the problems facing us.
People who work for wages left the Democratic Party between 1939-2014. Why? Productivity has risen, wages remain stagnant, wealth gap grows faster each year. Why? Could the answers reside in the statistics? Do statistics lie? 

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The five nations in the above chart with the largest 1% are the English-speaking nations.

The one nation in the above chart with the largest 1% has a form of capitalism so resistant to regulation that it can be described as sociopathic capitalism?

What say you?

I say "You got that right!"

U.S.A. does not like regulation, banking or otherwise. 

U.S.A. does not like socialism of any kind. 

The average wage worker falls behind and they believe the propaganda dished out by the corporations and wealthy, and fall farther behind every month, economically.  




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