“to really have a democratic society we have to have people who have democratic values be able to produce bread, be able to produce bicycles, and books and the things that we need.”
~ Tim Huet, Arizmendi Association

“I like having a say in how the business is run. I think that when people share ownership, they take ownership.”
~ Madeleine Van Engel, Arizmendi Valencia

“The world has changed, but most businesses operate in an authoritarian way, that is centralized just as it was fifty or eighty years ago. It is possible to strike a balance - for a business to be profitable and to have as its highest goal to enrich the whole society. This is the future, not only for cooperatives but for any modern business in the twenty-first century.”
~ Mikel Lezamiz, Director of Cooperative Outreach, Mondragon Cooperatives

Worker Owned Businesses Point to New Forms of Ownership

Mondragon cooperatives

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