For quite a while now, I've been participating in Car and Driver magazine's "Backfires" discussion board.  It's been enjoyable chatting about what we drive or aspire to and performance cars in general and bemoaning the fact that most of us will never own a Ferrari or Lamborghini, much as we admire their beautiful lines and tire-blistering performance.

Today, though, I got a surprise there which I thought I should share with you: a chart mapping the best and worst states as it comes to cars, drivers, and issues having to do with them and insurance.  The article includes a map which generalizes the results by state:

The instant I looked at that map, I couldn't help but notice a correlation to other such maps I've seen, which dealt with crime ... and religion ... and I thought this was data my friends at A|N would be interested in seeing.

The full article, with much more detail and data on a state-by-state basis, is here.

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Hmmmm... as a native Californian, I'm convinced that the rudest, worst drivers (at least in Los Angeles and Orange Counties) have moved here from somewhere else.  As adults.

I remember hearing horror stories about drivers in Boston when I had my first field service call there.  Absolutely they're aggressive ... but I guess I'm either a good defensive driver or their rep was over-hyped, because they've ceased to be much of an issue with me.

As for California, I haven't driven there enough to have points to plot a curve.

One reason I quit driving 2 years ago were the arrogant people who just have to be in front of all the other cars on the freeways...cutting in and out from lane to lane without signaling...riding on my rear bumper to try to make me go faster when I was already exceeding the speed limit.  The funny thing was that I would usually catch up with the same jerks sitting at the bottom of an off-ramp, waiting for the signal to change.

Another reason I quit was that now the same people drive on surface streets the way they do on the the same speeds. And my feet are slightly numb (diabetic neuropathy)...I was afraid one day I might hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.   UNTHINKABLE!

I spent my 10th birthday lying flat on my back (for 4 weeks) because a young driver didn't seem to know he was supposed to stop at a crosswalk if there was somebody in it, no matter what color the signal was. It was green when I started across the street, but changed to yellow when I was halfway across. No pedestrian signals in those days.

The last thing I remember is seeing the front grille of his car 2 feet from me.  The next thing I remember is waking up just long enough to pee all over an X-ray table, and I didn't wake up again till the next day, with sandbags all around me and a cracked pelvis....and missing a lot of skin.  I think my chin hit the pavement first.  That would explain the kink in my cervical spine.  ;>)


Oh, it was so long ago (1949) that I rarely remember it happened at all.  Srsly.


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