I am reposting Loren Miller's comment because it speaks to the challenges facing political and economic communities. If we attempt to placate those with whom we do not agree, some may assume we believe in the same spirit world as they. In my opinion, the underlying values of religion contribute to the dysfunction of our institutions, including family, education, business and politics. Notions of guidance and direction from a higher power negates the splendid wisdom and knowledge and values of men and woman who think free of superstitions. 

Loren Miller sent me this:

You tell me I must believe in your god.


Why should I believe in something which doesn’t show itself?  Why should I believe in a myth which violates the laws of physics, which insists not just on the improbable but the impossible and that which has been proven wrong?  Why should I believe something which was written by men who hadn’t the learning or intelligence my daughter had when she entered first grade?  Why should their ignorance carry more weight than informed and educated knowledge?  Indeed, why should I believe when I prefer to know?

You tell me I must believe in your god.

Why your god?  There are thousands of gods out there, each as insubstantial as the next, and yet I am supposed to choose your god.  Why not Zeus and Hera and Artemis and Apollo, or Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva?  What’s wrong with the Great Juju Up the Mountain or the other one at the bottom of the sea?  They’re all powerful; they all command our respect and worship, the same as yours does, and they all play the same carrot-and-stick game of reward and punishment with the puny humans they supposedly created.  Is your god all that much better than the rest?

You tell me I must believe in your god.

Why must I?  Who gave you the authority to compel me to do such a thing?  By what right do you demand that I adopt a belief which I do not see being in any way in my best interest?  How dare you presume upon my right NOT to believe?  Is it my safety in your supposed afterlife that motivates you or my conformance to your hallucination which would comfort you?

You tell me I must believe in your god.

Just what is your god?  Can you give me a hard and fast definition of him or her or it?  Why is it a male god so much of the time?  Don’t you think women deserve a position of authority or respect?  Why is it you talk about this god as though it is real to you when it is in no ways real to me?

And now you ask why all the questions?  For that I have an answer: I am a skeptic.  We ask questions; it’s rather what we do.  Now … do you have any answers … or just excuses?

~ Loren Miller 

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[Loren scans this up and down.]  Wow, this looks familiar ... who wrote this??? [wry chuckle!]

Pat, Perfect response. I especially like your statement, "You ask me why. Well, here's why. Science, philosophy, and the search for knowledge have lots of question. I'll readily concede that many of those questions may never be answered. On the other hand, your religion has all the answers, none of which anyone may ever question. Which one do you think I'm going with?"

I shall borrow it with attribution. 

Oh Jeez, I didn't make it clear! I thought by using " , Loren's message would separate from mine. I am so very sorry. 

"You tell me I must believe in your god"

was written by Loren Miller and I liked it so much I reposted.

Now, how do I repost so that the author is clearly known. I had intended to put "~ Loren Miller" after the piece but clearly failed to do so.  I'll delete this one and redo it so Loren is named as author. Oh dear, 14 have already read it. I am so sorry. 

You can still EDIT this piece, Joan, or any major forum, discussion or blog entry you are the author of.  Just lick on the OPTIONS button at the top and select EDIT, then make whatever alterations you want.

Oh my gosh! I can edit here. To think of all the work I have gone to in the past to correct my posts and all I needed to do was use Edit! Thank you! I never find all my errors until after I publish. I owe you one. 


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