Have you had, or do you have an ideal relationship configuration?

When the cohabi-tater and I got together, we talked about ideal scenarios. Both of us agreed that living in a large house with enough land for gardens and an orchard with other poly people (possibly people we're actually involved with) would be ideal.

Than, reality set-in. I met more polyamorous/avowed non-monogamous people. What I found is that people are people, and that poly people don't necessarily have the market cornered on ethical behaviour.

So, it's just the two of us living in a small house on enough land for gardens and an orchard, with the cats. I think we'd comfortably have room in the house for one other person, although we haven't talked about it lately. Neither of us is looking for the proverbial HBB.

What about you?

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I guess I can defy it by having lots of MMF threesomes :)

MMF threesomes are wonderful, actually. There should be more :P Also FFM, FFF, MMM, MFT, TMM, TFF, FTT, TTT (did I forget anyone?) are wonderful too! I guess the real message is that threesomes are wonderful.

My first threesome was MMF, and those were happy days ^^

FQM, FQF, MQM, QFQ, QMQ, QQQ, QTQ, QTF... ok, I'm stopping here. The possibilities are delightfully endless, and I could spend all day at this :D

I just want two guys, brother or best friends, and me. don't care where, or how.

do I have this lovely ideal setup? platonically, yes! with two different sets of guys (one set of brothers, one set of bffs)

romantically or sexually? nadda. XD

and thus it ever was.
Give it time Rikka. Some people don't even get the platonic part.
I know. I'm quite lucky. I just... yanno, want more :P
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
...and so, you should have it.
rofl, lolcats always speak truth
Well, my ideal has long been four people, cohabitating, loving each other, and deeply involved with one another romantically, emotionally, sexually, etc; in a house where each can have a room of his or her own, and one room for all four. Ideally in a place where we could move as a unit (pardon the coldness of the term) or as individuals, with the acceptance of friends and family and pretty much everyone around...
Oh dear, this sounds a bit too much like a dream and, alas, dreams rarely if ever come true.

But I still dream :)
It's good to have dreams, I think.

If those dreams don't work, it's always good to have new dreams (to sort of paraphrase Joni Mitchell).

My ideal relationship configuration =

Circle of Committed Lovers (Group Marriage- where everyone is married to everyone in the circle) made up of beautiful bisexual women and I- and maybe some attractive bi men- but only if they are proactive, find me genuinely attractive, and pursue me.

SEX- all partners must agree before one partner has sex outside the marriage. All partners have to agree before allowing someone to join the group marriage.


1) one sustainable self-sufficient off-the-grid rural dream-home base (Permaculture design complete with greenhouse, gardens, and orchard)

2) one urban home-base (Victoria, Vancouver, or Seattle)

Divorce- unfortunate but possible... to kick someone out of the group marriage everyone except the kickee must agree.

...just some thoughts that seem Millenia away right now.


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