Please introduce yourself. I'll write an introduction later.

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I should probably get around to doing my formal introduction. I am married (2years), we are both poly and really enjoy it. We are new to poly so we have made some rookie mistakes, but that's the "joy" of being new to something. We started in the swinging community but it wasn't yes but we were looking for more. About this time the podcast was recommended from someone in the Secular Sexuality group here on A/N. That single podcast really opened my eyes to other possibilities other than monogamy and swinging.

As is I'm sure the case with a fair amount of poly men, I tend to be dateless while my wife is having fun. Don't get me wrong I'm not jealous, just envious. I was never "that" guy who would date all... so being available again isn't much different in a practical sense.

One of my major this year resolutions is to go out and socialize with more people in the real world. I have a habit of being a recluse and just hanging out on the computer. So I have joined meetup and have gone to a couple atheist meetups and we went to our first poly meetup. I am optimistic.
Did you see that short-lived TV show called "Swingers"? It was really good. I thought it dealt with the issue very sensitively. Also, I loved it for being set in the 70s.

Didn't realize you are new to poly. I think now is a much better time than in the past, as there are some good websites with useful information... as well as groups (such as ours).
no i haven't i will look around for it.
Please tell me if you find it. It disappeared after one season, of course.
You make a good point. It is much easier for women, in general, to start up a relationship. Because of our biological nature and social upbringing, any promising gesture by a women towards a man is well received. The opposite often gets misinterpreted as a come-on so many men will seem distant unless they get an overt gesture. My significant other, when we first met, made it absolutely clear that I was a good prospect for a lasting relationship and explained to what extend she was willing to test the waters. Otherwise, we would have remain distant friends.
any promising gesture by a women towards a man is well received

That's not been my experience.

Your SO sounds like a savvy woman.
hey ya'll. I'm probably one of the younger extollers of poly on here... also probably one with the least experience. I'm 19 yo, pansmexual and craaaazy. Currently kindasorta doing a long distance thing with a sexy MTF but still open to anything and everything back home. Of everything anti-traditional that I am into, the poly is probably the hardest to explain to others and in fact, all blame for my own poly-ism is on one of my friends, for making too much sense to ignore.

Hanyway, I'm a college student, I don't date, I'm a virgin and looking to stay that way for the foreseeable future, unless I get drunk and do dumb things again (oops!), and am always up for good conversation/ drinks/ you get the idea.


We LOVE YOU, Rikka!
This is as it should be. :D

also +1 for invader zim!
This is good, I can use all the +1s that I can get.
Sorry...I don't get it. I guess not being female makes me ignorant in that respect. I just think that sex is enjoyable, and the longer you wait; the more you miss. Maturity is imperative, however. If you can't do it safely, compassionately, respectfully and with openness then you are better off waiting until you can. Of course, that goes for both (all) partners. It just happens that teenage boys do, generally, lack the required maturity. So maybe you do have a point. Oops! I may have contradicted myself. (grin) The bottom line is that you do what is most comfortable for you. I will give you a high-five for the that.
the longer you wait; the more you miss.

This assumes quantity equals quality.



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