I'll be back with my definition later, or maybe it will mean the same thing to me that it does to someone else, and all I'll have to do is write "Me too!"

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For me the quick and easy (as if anything poly is easy) Is a completely open and honest relationship that is focused on building long-term relationships.
For me, polyamory just means open and honest non-monogamy. The genders, sexuality, and number of people involved isn't relevant. Actually, sex doesn't even have to be involved. The act of loving more than one person in a romantic sense is all that it takes to be poly.
The act of loving more than one person in a romantic sense is all that it takes to be poly.

I wish that more people knew this. I keep getting men contacting me on OKCupid who think it means "friends with benefits". I suppose "friends with benefits" wouldn't be ruled out in some people's definitions, but my experience with FWB is that people don't want to make any sort of commitment.

By commitment, I don't necessarily mean something like marriage, but just an acknowledgement of the importance of the relationship in one's life. That each person will make a point of spending time with the other, and nurturing the relationship.

I've always thought that "FWB" is about a step away from casual sex. Not that I see anything wrong with either, but at this point in my life, they aren't for me.
Oh goodie, I can do a "Me too!" to both Pockets and Rayven Alandria.
dits, especially with rayven.
It means the freedom to be who I have been all my life. Coming out poly was as liberating as coming out atheist. I love being able to talk openly with my partner(s) and enjoy their loves as well as my own. I think The Minx calls it Frubble, but it is sure a lot better than dealing with jealousy in relationships. Never understood jealousy but sure had to deal with it enough. Well I should say, I understood it, but never let it take control of me or govern my life while I have had partners (wives) that did allow jealousy to rule their lives. Not doing that any more. Glad to see this group. Look forward to the discussions.
Glad you are here!
OK. I will give my perception of what poly should be and, also, how I perceive it to really be.

I think poly should be as defined. That three or more consenting adults form a relationship. Everyone one in the family should agree and accept the others in the relationship.

My experience, however, has given me a different view of what poly really is in practice. Although there is a core group of polys who actually behave based on the real definition, too many use polyamory to cheat on their spouses and significant other. They are not true polys. I am not surprised that many outside the poly community view us as immoral.

Let me add why I think that polyamory is needed in our society. We live is a very complicated society. Many of us, travel not only around the country, but around the world, leaving our love ones behind for weeks or even months. Because of the complex diversity of our backgrounds, we often meet others who can not supply all of our emotional and physical needs. The bottom line is that a happy person is a person who will offer more to society then an unhappy person. It is time that we realize that belief systems of the past whether they are religious or philosophical should not be honored without evidence. Society has reached a point in it's evolution that enables us to base our behavior not on beliefs but what we know to be true.
also, seriously, if one more person whom I have heard say the words "It takes a village to raise a child" looks at me funny when I have to explain polyamory to them....

I will steal their children and teach them freeloving ways!
Glad you joined, Reality Activist. I think a lot of people haven't really considered what polyamory means. Like Jaume wrote over in the Secular Sexuality group, (it was you Jaume, wasn't it?) something about "polyfuckery".
I'd agree with your basic four things, too.

In monogamy the idea of absolute exclusivity of other partners tends to end up meaning that each person views the other as belonging to them, of the other being their property that a third party must not encroach upon.

I'd pretty much agree with this, too. I've had ex-lovers get involved with, and/or marry monogamous people, which pretty much killed our friendship. Like I wouldn't respect their monogamous boundaries. I know of two Fundamentalist Christian couples who made agreements that the male was not to have female freinds, and the female was not to have male friends. I wouldn't be able to deal with that level of insecurity.
Thanks to books like Emotional Infidelity, the idea of having no opposite-sex friends has become much more mainstream and is considered by more people.


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