What online-journals/blogs, websites, discussion boards other than ours do you recommend? Also, why do you recommend them? Would they be more likely to appeal to specific demographics?

I'm thinking about listing some links up above, and then attributing them to the folks who recommend them.

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Not that I want to dissuade people from participating in this community, but Polymatchmaker.com has a special for new members right now. Through December 14th, you get the benefit of paid membership for free. After December 14th, they start charging. One of the paid member benefits is that you can do a member search for atheists and agnostics.
Pockets suggested Modern Poly. Lots of coolio features, although I haven't learned how to search by people via regions yet.
I always recommend www.xeromag.com/fvpoly as probably one of the best resources for poly newbies out there. It has a very pragmatic approach to polyamory & deals a lot with insecurity.

I also recommend:
www.polytees.com - poly t-shirts & other clothes
www.PolyMediaAssociation.com - Bridging the gap between the poly community & the media, with media training for poly folk
http://sites.google.com/site/misspolymanners - Miss Poly Manners, sort of the Ann Landers of polyamory

Of course, I'm also partial to my own poly site:
www.theinnbetween.net/poly1.html - all about my views on polyamory + lots o' links




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