I'd really like a place for atheists local to Portland to talk and organize. While we may not face the challenges that skeptics in some of the more religious states face, I still think that there are issues pertinent to Portland atheists that need to be addressed.

I would also very much like to have a time and a place to meet and discuss ideas or just to hang out with like-minded folk. A community based on common ideals for a common cause. Like a church, only without all of the baggage that goes along with church. A Skurch?

I have some material I have gathered on some information on some goings on that will interest atheists and skeptics local to Portland, and if there is any new local news I will post it as well.



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Well, you know I'm all for this.
Ohayo gozaimasu, Eli Sama! *bow*
Sure is quiet around here, you'd think good ol' "Godless Liberal"
Portland would have a bit more representation...
We're busy having pre-marital sex. Come back later.

And by "we," I mean the entire city.

All of us.

Portland is AWESOME.
Hello Reason, nice to have another Oregonian around.
Kudos to starting this board! Portland is a good place for freethinkers, but I'm interested in improving it further. More events, more community.
Well there is an atheist center in SE (Foster I believe) but I've heard mixed sentiments about it. I see that Jessicah here's been, and helps with the cable access shows... I've not seen the shows yet, but I'm downloading the podcasts I think... (got a heap to catch up on and just added a heap more to listen to).
Hi all,
I'm in Eugene, so I hope you'll accept me as a member of the group. What I lack in cosmopolitan savvy I'll try to make up for in crunchy hedonism. :)
I think that this should more accurately be called "Oregon Atheists".

Welcome aboard.
I struggled with that, but I decided on Portland for purposes of setting up some local activities in the future. I just didn't think people would be interested in coming in from all parts of the state just to do a little protesting or bar hopping, but they are certainly welcome to!

And by all means guys, make this board your own. If you have any local links and activities that you'd like me to post on the main page, just fire it off to me and I'll get them up.

Welcome, all!
We are on our way to doing just that. I joined the Beaverton Atheists meetup a couple months ago. It grew so rapidly that a larger more official group spun off becoming the parent of the Beaverton meetup as well as many other meetups (discussion group, book club, OMSI events, parenting/teenager sunday-school type thing). For more influence the umbrella group decided to be backed by a national organization, CFI (Center For Inquiry).

Check us out at http://secularhumanism.meetup.com/21/

Our biggest goal right now is to build (or buy) a building. If we get enough regular members and raise a certain amount of money the national CFI chapter might help pitch in money for the building! The "Skurch" could be here sooner than we think!

I hope to see you at one of the events! http://secularhumanism.meetup.com/21/calendar/





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