We just became official and we're growing members pretty quick. I hope we can meet at one of the events.
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Thanks Kurt. I think I will try to attend and will see if a couple of my friends would like to go.
Many of the meetings are in Beaverton because the people who started it were from there. We have some events downtown... We meet in SE Portland for a discussion group every other month (once we get more members it will be every month); the last two "beaverton atheist meetups" have actually been at Barleycorn's in Tigard; also we meet at the OMSI science pub monthly which is located in NW Portland.

As we get more members from the Portland area, we'll try to have more events located near where they live.

Many people want to carpool, and we need someone to set up a carpool system for us. Does anyone know of a website that can organize carpooling for people? I was thinking about making a Google MyMaps of all our members who want to carpool with people? What are your thoughts?
I'm excited to tell you that The Center For Inquiry is officially kicking off it's Portland Community in Style. We have rented out OMSI for Tuesday, October 14th and brought in Lawrence Krauss to give his speech on:

"Science, Non-Science, and Nonsense: From the Classroom to the Capitol

A lot of people Chipped in Hundreds of dollars so we could make this speaker Free to the public. I hope every one of you can make it and bring friends!

Help Support us build a vibrant community of Atheists in the Portland Area. This event is for you, and it's important we see as many of you there as possible. This event will determine the future of all other events and whether we can turn our community into something more (like a brick and mortar building), or a model for other cities around the nation to create their own vibrant atheist organizations.

Anyone who has a new or current CFI membership can join us and Lawrence Krauss in a catered reception before the event! A CFI membership is $60/year ($20 for students) and is tax deductible.

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