The Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't count.

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Mine of course, is the Bonobo. There are two colonies in San Diego: the Wild Animal Park which is not accessible to visitors (yet) and the zoo where they are rarely out when I'm there or they are not doing anything. I would like to observe them more! I do have a couple of books on Bonobos. I like them as they are intelligent and peaceful. Make love, not war!
Right now my fav. primate is Kataco, a pretty Bonobo from the Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary.

Mine is the Bonobo (aka 'make love not war') ever since I read the books 'Kanzi' (Sue Savage-Rumbaugh) + 'Bonobos' by Frans de Waal. In the second place: orangs, the puzzle freaks (according to some TV shows).
Definitely bonobos!

Homo Sapien Sapien is mine. I will always side with a human in a conflict with an animal if I am forced to choose.

Humans are effectively (not directly, but does it matter?) slaughtering species at a rate of 30,000 per year.  The extinction rate is believed to be the highest ever in the history of the planet.  The Sixth Extinction  I don't think humans need protection from other animals.  



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