Why did the ACLU support the mohels, and those with sharp knives, over the right of baby boys to their foreskins?

I have long been a supporter of the ACLU, even in their most controversial actions.  This decision to block the San Francisco ordinance, passed by citizen referendum petition, that banned circumcision, seems contrary to their "mission".  Could it be that they put their personal religious traditions over the welfare of children?  No one will explain why they took this stand.  Apparently, my earlier request for clarification was deleted from this site.

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I'm more in tune with 'influence' peddling in public state as in ke...

I highly doubt kids are going to check each other if they're circumcised or not...
but yeah whatever wedge issue one wants to throw down with it seems the mind is first and foremost; change the book/channel change their minds... let's get serious with secular science now.
notice how the fundy xtians and muzlimz are becoming legion; fathom that

What point are you making, Secular Jim?  Are you saying that one person has the right to cut off part of another person?  That it is OK to cut off part of a boy's penis as long as other boys are unlikely to peek in his pants?  Please explain your indifference.  Get beyond what you have left of your own penis, and consider the rights of the children.  Circumcised men have great difficulty being objective about this gross abuse of the rights of children.

id say the whole scheme-debate-arguement is jacked; and make sure u keep it clean! lol sigh...

indeed; it's old-world crap imho;
clashing w/new world realities aaaaall the time.

poor kids, indeed i've seen a video of a black child getting.. xyz.. and it was not entertaining to say the least; the screeching was torturous. let's just say birth centers are waaaay better than hospitals nowdays; take care!





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