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Here's my take on abortion. The zeitgeist about babies and human overpopulation has to change. Babies suck— literally. The world is being destroyed by humans growing like a runaway bacterium on a Petri dish, and a show like The Duggans is aired on TV, as if they're some sort of role model.

This is insane: we're losing 125 species every day, drinkable water is going scarce, millions are straving, the ice caps are melting, on and on. Humans are even killing tiny polyps in the Great Barrier Reef through blanching and acidification. No life can escape the effects of humanity of depravity.

Attitudes have to change. In a rational world no baby should be born except into a loving, capable and small family. Food, education, emotional needs, security should be readily available.

If we can prevent one girl from have an unwanted baby, it's possible to prevent every female. Why isn't it happening?

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Atheists who are aren't pro-choice are stuck in conventional values handed down by religion and they don't even realise, like my mother. This ridiculous view of the 'sanctity of life' has got to stop. Our lives are not more important than all other life on this planet, that is a humanist view and it's ruining the planet. No wonder they want to run off to another planet, sheesh?!
TNT, let's consider an ET studying the planet from afar. Which life would he consider more valuable, a black rhino whose numbers are in triple digits, or a starbing baby in Darfur with no future?

It's a no-brainer to me.
I saw one, in S.Africa. A momentous occasion, as the guide was not expecting it. A female and a little one. No brainer.
How can human life have infinite value when its ability to live sustainably is finite? I've always hate species chauvinism, and people really think God sanctions them to only care about people (as if their god didn't create all the other life forms on the planet, according to their religion)? It isn't pro life to make other species go extinct, and it isn't pro life to create an environment in which we can no longer live. Abortion is nothing compared to this.
Well said. Seeing the planet in terms of humans is called anthrocentrism. A good college course of evolutionary biology remedies it. But young students are watching MTV.
If life is sacred and of huge value, how come so much of it is wasted?

These are probably old numbers, but:

  • 30-40% of all fertilized eggs fail to implant and are flushed out of the uterus with the next menses.
  • At least one in 25 pregnancies fail to complete their first trimester
The above numbers I remember from back in 1992 when I first wrote about the whole business of pregnancy vs. abortion from the point of view of the waste of potential human life which the pro-birthers ignore opposed to the issue of a mother's intervention on her pregnancy which they obviously don't ignore. Carry those numbers back not so very far and you have a sum of lost life which so badly dwarfs the number of purposeful abortions that the comparison becomes ludicrous.

The problem comes in that, yet again, the theists don't care about what god does; they only care about what man (or in this case woman) does. Man deletes pre-born life and therewith (in their eyes) becomes a murderer, while their god disposes of life with a volume orders of magnitude greater with no notice or acknowledgment from their camp. Neither man nor woman have the right to god's power or authority; therefore such actions are to be condemned without further discussion.

Charming, no? [no, not especially]
Neither man nor woman have the right to god's power or authority

Thanks, Loren. As to the above, the state can execute murderers in the place of God. The arbitrariness of the system is outrageous.

Thanks for the correction on point #1. I thought non-viable fetuses were >50%. But the point is still well taken: there's too many microscopic humans in heaven. I'm going to complain about it as soon as I get there.

And I know they're in heaven. They didn't do anything sinful to go to the other place. But what about the monk who sacrifices the pleasures of this life and this fucking morula goes to heaven just the same. Well, I guess the monk gets closer to God up there and the fetus has to stay off campus or in barracks.

It's a good thing we pay theologians to straighten this stuff out. They earn their money.
One word- education. Without it, there is no understanding of anything you spoke of. But there is another very important component- empowerment. If females are not empowered to take charge of their own destinies, they will remain no more than attendants to the products of their wombs.
Our lives are not more important than all other life on this planet, that is a humanist view and it's ruining the planet. No wonder they want to run off to another planet, sheesh?!

TNT, I'm a member of two humanist groups and I wouldn't say that pro-life is a humanist position in an overpopulated world. Most people on my group want humanity to life in harmony with nature and see humans as the steward. Quardrupling per century population is not the way to go.
Which begs the question, what are humanists willing to do to reduce population size...?
The environment is one reason why I and some others were basically pro-abortion. Of course, I'm not really pro-abortion when the result is even better if stupid people wouldn't get pregnant to begin with. People have told me "you can't tell people whether they can or can't have children", but I say bullshit, that's like saying I can't tell people to stop poking holes in their section of a ship.
I really really laughed hard when at the beginning of the film Idiocracy. They make a side by side comparison of the exploding family tree of idiots on one side and the harrowing infertility of the WASP couple on the other side. Frickin' hilarious!

There is so much about that movie I love!




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