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Here's my take on abortion. The zeitgeist about babies and human overpopulation has to change. Babies suck— literally. The world is being destroyed by humans growing like a runaway bacterium on a Petri dish, and a show like The Duggans is aired on TV, as if they're some sort of role model.

This is insane: we're losing 125 species every day, drinkable water is going scarce, millions are straving, the ice caps are melting, on and on. Humans are even killing tiny polyps in the Great Barrier Reef through blanching and acidification. No life can escape the effects of humanity of depravity.

Attitudes have to change. In a rational world no baby should be born except into a loving, capable and small family. Food, education, emotional needs, security should be readily available.

If we can prevent one girl from have an unwanted baby, it's possible to prevent every female. Why isn't it happening?

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In Canada, you CAN'T have tubal ligation until you're 35 with 2 children.

I agree, this is midevil. It's like the government is forcing women to have babies even when they don't want to.

Emperor Augustus initiated a Roman law that women cannot become a Roman citizen until she gives birth to four. This Canadian law is the same mentality.
Do you know any woman in the USA who's had it younger?
35 and two kids?! What do they think women are, children? Ok, I can understand being wary of a 14 year old asking, but by 21 definitely we are big girls and can make life decisions for ourselves.
They base their belief system that women are MEANT to procreate, on the "regret" statistic. The system will not even allow a 10% regret scenario. Apparently women are prone to changing their minds.

But hell, surgeons can do all forms of organ transplants and limb/senses replacement.

If we put just a little more political willpower into making sterilisations reversible, then there'd be no excuse not to get sterilised until people are sure they want kids. I've had many guys say: "But, vasectomy is only 95% reversible, what if I change my mind?" boo hoo, we need to get the medical patriarchy onboard on this one and push for greater access to voluntary sterilisation and greater success in reversals.
They have to have children first? It isn't like the procedure can't be reversed.
But there's a risk, like 5% that the reversal is unsuccessful. That's why I was saying all we need to do, as militants for family planning, is push for extra research into reversibility, to bring it to a point of confidence for people.

Heck, we transplant organs and replace limbs, I'm sure we can find a way to reattach a little tube with confidence!!! :) Aren't we a technologically inclined bunch ;)

Imagine a perfect world, where sterilisation is 99.999% reversible. We'd have no need for hormone modifying pills, less fat girls, and less pregnant girls, and less unwilling fathers.

An entirely better world! and almost no need for abortion.
I'm surprised they can't just reliably clamp it with something or block it.
My laparoscopic surgeon gave me a choice:
clamps or cauterise

I said cauterise as far away as possible!!
I guess you don't label yourself anything then because, there are idiots under any label.

Very few are in favor of late term abortions without medical necessity. Late term abortions usually are women who wanted to have a child but had some things go horribly wrong. (The one that sticks out the most: the baby was already dead inside the mother. It's wrong to remove it?!) It's a myth that there are tons of women who just procrastinated or changed their mind at 8 months pregnant, and that pro-choice people support that.

"Abortion as birth control" is a good catchphrase, but meaningless. Does this just mean anyone who has more than one abortion? Or people who don't bother with birth control b/c they can just run off to the abortion clinic instead? I don't know anyone who has done that--it's a very expensive, painful, invasive, and possibly emotionally crippling way to avoid giving birth. The only people I know who don't pay much attention to birth control are people who would keep the baby anyway.

Some people talk of limiting the number of abortions. I'm not really for this, although if it was done, the person should be sterilized instead of forced to have the baby...if you've had 10 abortions, you probably don't want to have kids!

It's hard to find people who disagree that abortion should be a last resort after taking other precautions or should be "safe, legal, and rare". Both sides have talked about preventing abortion, unfortunately, the radical pro-lifers think abstinence, and telling kids to stop thinking "impure thoughts", is the way to do it (read this in a Catholic newsletter).
C'mon Nerd, you know I wasn't talking about women who had to abort a wanted child. I gave exclusion for medically indicated late term abortions. Don't go all Youtube on me.

I was talking about your second example, the fundy kid who goes into denial and hides her pregnancy then expects some poor doctor to kill off her near viable foetus so she can go back to being a good little church virgin. You're right though, it's all about education.

Re procrastinators, just before I met my husband one of his best mates knocked up his girlfriend. The guy was earning good money, she was in debt but working. They decided she should get an abortion. She insisted the guy pay, he didn't pay so she actually kept waiting for the money. Finally it got to the point where my husband couldn't stand how it was dragging on (while the foetus kept developing) and he just gave her the money for it, I think he might have driven her there too. Call it baby brain, call it primary maternal preoccupation but when you are pregnant you don't always think straight and you can make some pretty random decisions, or fail to make decisions, so yeah I fully believe procrastination happens in this area. Again, education, education, education. As you say, late term abortions are hell on the woman so lets educate about early abortions, go Angie the Anti-theist (youtube).

Actually, cheap over the counter pregnancy tests would be a big help. I think we can get tested for free at the doctor's here, Australia, but for shy teenagers the tests in the chemist are pretty expensive.
In Canada, there's really no need for a store bought test kit. A girl/woman can just pop into any walk-in medical clinic and our healthcare covers the pregnancy which is totally more reliable than the store bought one.

This risk of false negatives with the store bought ones is IMO too much.

But for countries without universal health care, I guess that's the best a girl can do.



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