Women seeking abortions will now face a better trained group of anti-abortion demonstrators.  Roderick Murphy's new book, "Stopping Abortion at Death's Door" is a training manual using his successful strategy for waylaying women to nearby offices for sonograms and shaming.  We are listed in the enemies chapter - feminists, atheists, liberals, etc.  Though proceeds from the book will be used against abortions, those in the pro-choice front lines may benifit from being prepared.  It may be available in libraries. 

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Reading it is probably a good idea, then you know what the "strategies" are.

My local library doesn't have it, but does offer interlibrary loan. I've submitted a request for the book.

From the publisher's blurb:

In Murphy's scenario, the sidewalk counselor would attempt to persuade the abortion-intent woman on her way to abort to instead come to a pregnancy resource center next door. Once there, the client would receive free; an abortion consultation, a pregnancy test, an ultrasound scan, counseling and free practical and often expensive help. These services according to the book, could cause the pregnant client to realize that she has real alternatives to abortion and that she would change her mind toward life for her little girl or boy.

Emphasis mine. They consistently use such loaded language equating the blastocyst/embryo/fetus, the potential child, with an actual "baby" (perhaps "pre-born" or "unborn") or "little girl or boy" that we can't help but want to protect. That unspoken appeal to emotion needs to be consistently called out and refuted.


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