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I'd like to recommend the documentary '12th and Delaware', I watched it recently at NARAL and it's a powerful and well crafted piece of documentary film-making from the same folks that brought us 'Jesus Camp.' It shows the underhanded tactics used by the anti-choice movement which puts the lives of mostly poor women in grave danger. Here's the official trailer:


It shows a so-called 'Crisis Pregnant Center' which is a church-run center where women get false information regarding abortions, these centers often advertise as providing abortions. Women who visit these centers are told that abortions cause cancer, they are lied to about how far along they are in their pregnancy after they are given a sonogram, and they are falsely lead to believe that they'll receive financial help from the church after they give birth. There are only 816 abortion clinics in the US but there are 4000 of these centers.

If you feel fairly outraged about this situation after (or even before) watching this documentary, then please sign this petition to pass a law requiring these centers to advertise their real 'services' instead of misleading women with false advertising:


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I signed it. There have been so many acts restricting abortion. It's about time pro-lifers have some limitations put on them--like completely false advertising.


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