A classmate of mine did a speech (in speech class) on why she was pro-life. When she got to the issue of rape, she claimed "the body is so stressed in a traumatic situation that it releases hormones that keep you from getting pregnant". I've heard also of politicians saying "well not that many people get pregnant from rape". Aren't there actually about 10,000 cases per year? It's sad to see this propoganda going around, or people dismissing rape pregnancy as something that would never happen.

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She didn't have any stats, but I wonder if she got it from some pro-life propaganda, and if so, which pro-life group is passing around this fairy-tale idea that people don't get pregnant from rape. She'd also said this before in a debate, and I responded by saying actually about 10,000 people per year get pregnant from rape...but I guess she chose the belief she liked better, instead of investigating it.

People born of rape must have a lot to overcome. Some people don't like their parents, but imagine the amount of hate you would have for your biological father, and not only that, but the act that brought you into the world.

I had read a story once of someone who was raped at age 11 and didn't realize she was pregnant until too late, probably b/c she just wanted to put the rape out of her mind. The baby was told her mother was her sister, and she found out the real story when she grew up. Her and her mother were very close, but she hated her father, whoever he was.
Ted Bundy was an example of a child who was in the same position as a child. Born to his "sister" with an unknown father. And look how he turned out from all the lies and shiznit.

My mother's agnostic and is pro-life. I can't stand it when non-believers copy-cat the morality rules of christianity, argh!

I myself would simply throw tar and feathers on her (you know like Ally McBeal used to do in that show...). Rape is simply not even a part of the picture when it comes to CHOICE. The woman either wants to keep the foetus or not, plain and simple, no argument.

Life people are obsessed with LIFE AT ALL COSTS, my morals are quality of life over quantity of life. It applies consistently to all contexts.

Having a rape subcategory is in essence accepting the PARADIGM of the prolifers. It is our duty as women, and hopefully men too, to not be coerced into their paradigms, and establish our own speech paradigms.
Thank you! I say the same thing--quality is more important than quantity! The world has too much quantity of human life, and it is suffering because of it. The word "pro-life" is debatable b/c humans are disturbing so much non-human life--what about being pro-life for other species? People are too sentimental, and put an infinite value on human life, but it has limits just like anything else!
In both cases, the pro-both-life-and-death-penalty-ers are often looking at the world with issues of retribution blown up to enormous sizes. To them the death penalty is a penalty, and if the historical precedent had only been chopping off the convicted party's feet, they'd be pro-that. In the case of their being "pro-life", though this is not most typically toward cases of rape, they emphasize this sentiment that enforced pregnancy and so forth are punishment for inappropriate promiscuity--or, should they be particularly vindictive, that being forced to keep a rape-baby would be a woman's punishment for "leaving herself vulnerable" or however they may choose to phrase it or that bringing the new person into the world is (somehow) a punishment for the rapist. That last point makes as much sense as the trinity; however, considering the demographics involved, the fact that it makes no sense only makes sense.
Speaking of being objective, I started this thread to talk about rape and pregnancy--mainly b/c I was skeptical of my classmate's claim that "people don't really get pregnant from rape". So believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the "rape, who's responsible?" thread.

I don't recall any rules saying "people must be strictly objective at all times" anywhere. Anyway, if being objective is thinking from both sides of a situation, then it makes perfect sense to think how you'd feel in that situation.
Well I'm hoping he isn't going to have any girlfriends or daughters--saying women bring rape on themselves isn't a good way to attract the ladies.
In the "rape--who's responsible?" discussion, you said we're not being objective b/c we're not willing to talk about what women do to bring rape upon themselves.
I don't understand why "sexy" clothes keep getting brought up. What is it about "most the time its someone you thought you could let into your own home," that is so hard to understand?

My sophomore year in highschool one of my good friends got raped during lunch break. She went to the park for lunch with one of our classmates, someone she'd considered a friend and he drug her into the men's bathroom and assaulted her. He was more popular than her and spread the rumor that it was consentual. She wound up facing ostricization for reporting it to the school and police. I remember at the time hearing a lot of either "she's a liar" or "Well it's her fault for hanging out alone with some guy that's not her boyfriend." As if friendships need to be segregated by gender. This person, by the way didn't even own a skirt a that point in time-- yet everyone had to find a way to balme her for it, you know so they could keep hanging out with the creep that hurt her.
It makes sense that a person would have their guard down less when they are unassuming and wearing comfy clothes. When someone is wearing sexy clothes, they are often more aware of their own appearance and are probably more defensive, too.
If abortion is made illegal "except for rape", people will lie about rape, and considering the difficulty of proving rape, and how few people really want to come forward and press charges, it would be a total mess.
It has everything to do with "be fruitful and multiply".

My argument to that is: we're not being fruitful by overpopulating and destroying our own environment.




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