What are your favorite atheist, or just secular, pro-life resources?

Web links are obviously easiest, but if there are books or journal articles or other offline resources you like, please feel free to list those as well. Also, feel free to tout your own sites; I plan to. :)

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To start:

* Libertarians for Life has some very good material in its library, all secular
* The Atheist & Agnostic Pro-Life League
* In 2000, I debated Richard Carrier on abortion at the Secular Web. I would make some different arguments now, but I think it's still a decent resource.
* My blog: Turn the Clock Forward
* Feminist, Pro-Life, and Atheist by Kathryn Reed
* The Indivisible Fight for Life by Nat Hentoff
Well, I'll plug this: , although I've got a domain name now, but I haven't set it up yet (update soon).

I like this too:

It has a lot of great stuff.
Let's try that again...

Well, I'll plug this:
I've got a domain name now, but I haven't set it up yet (update soon).

I like this too:
It has a lot of great stuff.
I've tried to contact The Atheist & Agnostic Pro-Life League via hotmail and they never replied.
Ooooh. Is that yours?
Another site: Pro-Life Union for Secularity. This seems to be the new home of the site Simon JM pointed to.
Libertarians for life is my favorite.

A great scientific research paper on when human life begins-



This site is not necessarily prolife but it's a great resource to use for embryology/fetology-



Secular Pro-life is another great resource. They have a facebook page too!







I just took a quick look at it, but it looks really good.  
I'm going to print it out so I can underline & whatnot.  
IMO, the key has always been (p.6),
"Is a human zygote a human organism?" 
Unfortunately, 'organism' doesn't have a crystal clear def.

Also, it may be nitpicking, but I really hate when people say
that a fertilized egg is an egg (as if a frozen liquid is still
liquid) & there may be some good stuff on that too.        :)

I hadn't seen that white paper before. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!




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