For whatever reason, I haven't been receiving email notices of activity in this group, so I didn't know there had been a blow-up until I was contacted by the Atheist Nexus moderators.

As far as I'm concerned, discussion and disagreement among pro-life or pro-life-leaning people is welcome -- we're not a monolith, and I don't expect us to agree on everything.  Where disagreement becomes inappropriate is when pro-choicers come here to tell us how wrong we are for being pro-life or when theists come here to tell us how wrong we are for being atheists.

If you believe someone is behaving inappropriately, I ask you to please contact me rather than taking it upon yourself to police who is or is not pro-life enough.  Thank you. 

I apologize for letting this get out of hand.  I clearly need to log in to AN more often.

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Thanks Jen.
Also, I will post about the problem with defining "pro-life" tomorrow -- right now is not a good time.
Maybe new members should have been cleared to make sure that they were not already in the Pro-Choice group.

I joined this group in good faith because of its stated purpose. Please do elaborate more on the purpose. Make it as clear as possible. If it is not consistent with my beliefs I certainly will not disrespect the group, its members and the Atheist Nexus format by imposing myself in the group.

I think it an important principle that groups not be disrespected.
You made me feel very unwelcome and rather than engaging me with specific counters to my arguments, you just told me to leave the group. There was no basis for your orders, and clearly you do not even know what the stated purpose of the group is.

I had left the group but I rejoined in light of Jen's comments. Jen is apparently the group founder.

I hope you can find a group that agrees with you somewhere, but being rude to others is not generally the best way to "win friends and influence people".

Forget it
Thank you Jen!




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