Given one person who is a Pro-Choice Nonbeliever and another person who is a Pro-Life Believer, which person, from your experience(s), would you find easier to persuade towards adopting our Pro-Life Nonbeliever stance?

It is granted that each and every person is different, but for any person on average what do your experiences suggest, or what does your best guess tell you?

Your responses are much appreciated.

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It kind of depends on what you mean by adopting our stance. I find that many, even most, pro-life believers can be swayed to the need to use secular arguments against abortion. However, IME there's very little chance of persuading them to become nonbelievers. Admittedly, I don't try the latter.

Nonbelievers who are pro-choice seem to me less likely to be persuaded to a pro-life or pro-life-sympathetic view than pro-choice believers. I think this has something to do with the fact that abortion is commonly seen as a religious issue -- and particularly the pro-life position is seen as a Religious Right issue -- and nonbelievers are very used to fighting the Religious Right and automatically have their defenses up when it comes to anything associated with them.
I'm not sure on that question but overall I've found people who seem to be moderate or non passionate about the issue are the ones more likely to change their view regardless of their beliefs. I remember one woman who understood the implications of the infants are't persons argument but thought evenso Pro-Choice is too entrenched to change.

IMO overall I've found atheists just as dogmatic on their pet beliefs as the worst Christian.




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