Note: I will not have a debate over pro-abortion versus "pro-choice", and I do not care what the arguments for abortion are. I merely want to know why a disproportionate percentage of atheists are pro-abortion.

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I think this has a lot to do with it. It's not just pro-choicers who perpetuate that belief, either -- a lot of conservative Christian pro-lifers see "pro-life" and "Christian" as synonymous. (A lot of others are perfectly happy to use secular arguments and welcome nonbelievers, though.)
Well an Atheist doesn't have the simplistic belief that a soul is created at the moment of conception, and so it just becomes a couple of cells. Of course it is a potential human and has value but should it's rights really trump those of a fully self aware, thinking feeling human being. Most Atheists would not think so.

The other part is that most Atheists are probably willing to be more practical on this issue. I've always wanted to ask a pro-lifer what the punishment should be for a woman who has an abortion and her abortionist. If the answer is anything less than being tried for murder, than they themselves don't believe a fetus has the same value of a fully grown human. And if the answer is that they should be tried for murder, Do we really want to live in a world like this, where a mother, perhaps is taken from her already existing family, and tried for murder over a collection of cells in her own body?

Just my take
Hi Kozz,

I just wanted to say that while you are welcome to hang around to find out more about pro-life nonbelievers, this is not a debate community. There are several threads in the forums where people debate abortion.

To be blunt: some of us would like a place to kick back and relax without being poked by either the pro-choicers or the theists, just as I'm sure there are many other communities around AN where debate with theists isn't on the agenda.
Uh Ok. But the question was why are so many Atheists "pro abortion"? How exactly does one answer this question without explaining the logic of why most Atheists are "pro choice"? I mean if you really don't want to know, why ask the question in the first place? Not trying to "poke" anyone, but how do I, as you suggest, find out more about pro life non believers, when there is not even anything on this group so far which even describes the basis of this position. But then I guess that would be discussing it and so.... Doesn't make a bit of sense to me but I'll leave you to it.
Pro-abortion is pro-choice.

Pro-gun is supporting the right to choose to have a gun.
Pro-gambling is supporting the right to choose to gamble.

I personally wish no one would gamble, but it's not my money. Does that make me "pro-choice"? On one issue, maybe, but as far as gambling goes the correct term is "pro-gambling". But I also oppose the right of parents to choose to beat their children. I guess that makes me anti-choice.
No one is pro-abortion, and everyone is pro-life. Your labels are simply ridiculous. Do you think there are people who stand up and applaud every time an abortion is performed? and what kind of people are anti-life? Silly stuff. You are either for a womans right to have control over her own body, or you aren't. Pro-choice Anti-choice are the correct and most accurate terms. if you get this confused with your choices on other issues go ahead and add whatever suffix will help you out, but I don't think most people would have a problem.
I don't applaud every time someone gambles. In fact, I wish nobody would gamble.

Yet I am pro-gambling because I support the right of people to have control over their own money. I am pro-gambling because I support the right of people to (choose to) gamble.

Nobody is anti-choice any more than anyone is anti-life. You do not support my right to choose to rob a bank. That does not make you anti-choice.




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