One thing that always drove me crazy about religious people is that many of them were so concrete (black and white) in their thinking. They seemed to have no interest in exploring ideas the way I do. I considered them "stupid" and I think they considered me "weird." My attitude has changed dramatically of late, due in some part to a sort of pop psychology personality test call "True Colors." The test groups people in to four basic catagories, each with a designated color: Green - Philosophical, critical thinker types (abstract thinkers) Blue - Warm, empathetic types (abstract thinkers) Orange - Kinetic, action oriented types (concrete thinkers) Gold - Well organized, detail oriented types (concrete thinkers) Statistically, 75% of all people test as Gold or Orange. 25% are Blues and Greens. I understand that my status as a permanent minority is cynched. I never fit in... Well there's why. See my "Dancing Bear" blog for some conclusions I drew from this information.


Interpretation of True Colors:

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I can accept different people pretty easily because I accept that it takes all kinds to make the world work. I can't accept those who are bigots, fanatics, an anti-realists though.

As far as that True Colors test, idk about that. I feel like I fall into all 4 categories to some extent. It depends on the situation.
I think landing in all catagories equally would be the best! Each color has strengths and weaknesses. A nice balance is probably very healthy.

I land HEAVY on Green and Blue a close second. I made a wonderful therapist... and an aweful business man. I think if I had paired myself with a Gold as office mananger, I could have saved myself a lot of headaches.

I felt a little goofy bringing up True Colors, because it really does seem very "pop." But, it is based on solid statistics showing validity and reliability.

I think the approach with Gold and Orange types must be different than with a Green or Blue. Appeal to tradition and fraternalism works well with Gold and Orange. Right wing propaganda does this brilliantly. Blues are natural empaths, and will respond to humanitarian values. Greens want a logical argument.
But, it is based on solid statistics showing validity and reliability.

Got any references? The one you posted was just a summary - no stats. It also reported that scores vary over time. That suggests poor test-retest reliability. Also, a comparison to the MBTI doesn't reflect too favourably since the reliability and validity of the MBTI is questionable.
the reliability and validity of the MBTI is questionable

The MBTI is not meant to be the WAIS or the MMPI. It is not used for diagnostics. It is simply one source of information to help folks choose a career path.
Yea, it is grounded in good research, but I initially approached it with suspicion. True Colors has sort of become a cottage industry in a similar way "7 Habits of Highly Effective People."

Here is a recent research study showing correlations between True Colors types and Merers Briggs types:
Many arheists fall into the B&W thinking as well

I think this is human nature and it requires an effort on our part to do otherwise. Black and white thinking makes life very simple... it can also result in some pretty horrible behaviors.
Fred, if you've bothered to think about what personality type you are at all, then you're a thinker--hands down, as they say. Relaters are like psychic leeches sometimes; being around one can actually make you feel drained if you're in need of some depth.

Obama's a thinker. It takes good thought to speak as he does, at least in the way he shows what I see as inter-word thinking. Although, I have gotten the vibe a bit that he's a thinker-director (mainly thinker with some subelement of director).

Primary directors are hard to spot until you understand them. They're closed and direct. They may be good at thinking, and they even may do a lot of good thinking, but they won't share it. That's not to say that they won't share it when asked, no no. Only a thinker is protective of thinking, as they value it, which a director does not. Directors value achievement, basically. E.g. they most certainly always DO have a lot of Achievements on XBox live.

Jay Leno's a comedy guy, so he must be a thinker; I think he sucks, but that's no matter. The best example of a socializer, really--though they are socializers of the worst sort--is the reactionary neocon freaks on Fox News.
I am very bad at socializing. totally fail at it.

That is not my read on you at all. If anything, you are one of the more polite and tolerant participants on A/N
I think they had us take a test like this in sixth grade. Only we had blue, green, red, and yellow.

Anyway, I've realized after looking at what the things "mean" that this test is fundamentally screwed. 75% of the population "are" "gold" or "orange"--"concrete thinkers"--because they friggin' DON'T think and all of their thinking is the concrete, real sort that has to do with eating or putting gas in the car. Sure, they can tell you a primitive, chant-like response to a question, like why they're a vegetarian or anti-abortion and they can subtract 74 from 153, but they spend the overwhelming majority of their time and brain-expenditures on something that couldn't exactly be called "thinking" in any useful sense that discriminates between "thinking" and not "thinking" in any way that both is pleasing to the intuition on the high end and, on the low end, can see a strict difference, by way of a definition, between "thinking" and not "thinking".

Personally, I feel like that anybody to whom "NO PAYMENTS TILL THREE YEARS FROM NOW" etc. are appealing doesn't think.
75% of the population "are" "gold" or "orange"--"concrete thinkers"--because they friggin' DON'T think and all of their thinking is the concrete

It would be interesting to see the correlates of true colors with IQ. The huge majority of non-thinker types is one reason I came up with the Dancing Bear blog...
I found a free version of the True Colors test:

Here is an interpretation for the colors:



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