An interesting read. In addition to showing that we may actually behave less intelligently in groups, I found it interesting that the people that performed more poorly also had activity in the parts of the brain correlated with anxiety, implying that we may also behave less intelligently when anxious or under stress.

And just a side note--it really bothers me that the author of this article said that 126 is slightly above average, it's almost 2.5 SDs above the mean! And average IQ isn't about 100, it's 100 by definition! Unfortunately most people don't understand how the IQ test works.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Have you come across any studies that either support or contradict this one?

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Ruth, I like your notations of possible implications of gene therapy. 

Excellent article Maruli, and rich in implications. 

Low testosterone is also implicated in obesity and a wide array of diseases. So before treating all of the world's problems with drugs, perhaps parents should teach their male children to be decent people and their female children not to take shit from anyone. Some men just need to be kicked in the happy sack more often.

Sorry guys, I know I started this discussing and haven't been a very active part of it. I will try to take some time in the next couple of days to catch up.

Is there an unwritten rule of AN, that starting a discussion obliges someone to be especially active? 

Isn't asking a good question and triggering others to be active just as good?



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