I've had severe clinical depression for almost a decade now. There are pills I could take to let me feel emotions, but I've been off them for a few years now. Is it possible to overcome major depressive disorder without having to take medication for the rest of my life? Has anyone else here accomplished this?

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Hey Sean, sorry about your struggle. I have different symptoms but I can see that you sound on your way to getting better because I notice your determination. For me, that has sometimes been the only thing to get me through is my sheer determination. I agree with everyone who mentioned nutrition. You can check out books from the library. I know you've had bad experiences from psycho therapy so maybe a support group is more your style? From what you've said about assholes in the family perhaps there is some emotional abuse that was never fully dealt with? I hadn't realized the trauma I was dealing with until later in life. All my emotions came flooding and I realized I'd been dissociating before that. Anyway getting CBT for that really helped me deal with it. Hope you figure out a good plan.




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