I've had severe clinical depression for almost a decade now. There are pills I could take to let me feel emotions, but I've been off them for a few years now. Is it possible to overcome major depressive disorder without having to take medication for the rest of my life? Has anyone else here accomplished this?

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Yes. I've been using homeopathy for a number of years now with fabulous results!
I don't know of any homeopaths in my area, so I visit one whenever I go to AZ.

It's made a world of difference for me.
I get to experience all my emotions, without the dulling down of drugs.

I have a dear friend who will not admit the benefits of natural treatments and prefers her drugs. She has tried so many now, and the current cocktail is slightly better than the previous which had her zombified.

BTW, that's her fav movie too - one of them - Sean of the Dead.... haha
with homeopathy you don't have to take something every day.
just when you feel the depression coming on again.
It's been great because working with a naturopathic m.d. I get just the right remedy, and then I know what I need to get.
It's just a few pellets under the tongue when you feel the depression starting.

So, I'm now able to go months without needing anything at all...

If you do find a psychologist etc. in this area, I'd be interested.

Good luck!
Sean, I don't know the answer, but I wish you luck.

You are right that homeopathy is pseudoscience.

Enemies of Reason
i agree with this post.

i have been through major depressive episodes and know what a bitch depression is. you have my sympathy and best wishes.

I just found this social site today.

I am searching for an answer to this myself. I am coming off of my first year of meds after a decade of depression/disthymia. What I have read is that a oombined approach is the most sucessful. By that, it combines medication adapted to your neurochemistry and cognitive therapy to help reduce/retrain thought patterns that worsen your mood.

One reason I am joining into this site is that I feel that a sense of belonging is also a key factor in reducing/curing depression. That is not so easy to find these days, especially if your personality is less outgoing than the Hollywood ideal and your interests are limited by the depression. Also not easy if your a nontheist since nontheists often shun community making activities ("they feel too much like a church").

Stay with us.
pseudoscience - noun -- an activity resembling science but based on fallacious assumptions
WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University.

pseudoscience [(sooh-doh-seye-uhns)] -- A system of theories or assertions about the natural world that claim or appear to be scientific but that, in fact, are not. For example, astronomy is a science, but astrology is generally viewed as a pseudoscience.

Ho*me*op"a*thy\, n. [Gr. ? likeness of condition or feeling; ? like (fr. ? same; cf. Same) + ? to suffer: cf. F. hom['e]opathie. See Pathos.] (Med.) The art of curing, founded on resemblances; the theory and its practice that disease is cured by remedies which produce on a healthy person effects similar to the symptoms of the complaint under which the patient suffers, the remedies being usually administered in minute doses. This system was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and is opposed to allopathy, or heteropathy.

Since people were using homeopathy since before there were such things as M.D.s, I am more inclined to try a natural approach to health and wellness vs. just taking drugs.
Sean of the Dead says he doesn't want to take drugs, hence my suggestion for homeopathy.

I know it works, I've seen the results. Astrology, as in the example above, does not mean any more to me than religion does. Nor does it work any better than prayer.

I've had experience with both of those as well... Therefore I am inclined to have more -dare I say "faith" - in homeopathy, than in those (real) pseudosciences.

I sincerely hope you find someone/thing to help you out Sean.
Good luck.
If you feel it works for you thats fine, but it really isn't developed around standard scientific methods required for most of us in A|N would like to have in order to be confident in using.
pseudoscience - noun -- an activity resembling science but based on fallacious assumptions

and thusly are religions and every type of nonsense justified. you do realize that homeopathy was developed in a time when people thought you could dilute a substance indefinitely, don't you?

homeopathy is bunk.
Some people have permanent insulin problems (diabetes type 1). Some people have permanent episodic neuro-electrical problems (epilepsy). Some people have permanent neuro-chemical problems (some types of clinical depression). I am afraid added chemicals are required in all three cases if you want to live a near-normal life. Sadly, like most medications, they all have unwanted side-effects which have to be weighed against the serious effects of the disorders they treat.

There are lots of different reasons why people may be permanently clinically depressed. I presume you have had the medicos check them all out (thyroid, adrenals, etc.) If not, then you need to be screened for the usual and less-than-usual suspects. If you have insufficient secretion or response to one or more hormones then you need to take supplements for these (and anti-depressant medication may be inappropriate or only required at some points).

If you have a neuro-transmitter insufficiency or lack of response then the best treatment, at the moment, is one or a combination of the various anti-depressant medications. What is not known is that some of them fail to work after a while and you need to take a medication break while, for instance, you liver resets its tolerance. (That is an over-simplification of a complex process).

It sounds to me as if you need access to a top notch neuro-psyciatrist who will let you try out a range of these medications until you find some that work without or with tolerable side-effects.

It also sounds as if you need to rethink your attitude to your disability. It might be annoying to feel dependent on neuro-transmitter agonists or protagonists, but it should be no more irritating than accepting, for example, that you need to take insulin supplements, anti-hypertensives or cholesterol lowering medication for the rest of your life. Be thankful, if you can, that you do not have OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) and have to sleep with a CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machine for the rest of your life in order to prevent the effects of nightly oxygen starvation on the brain.

I, too, have a history of recurrent clinical depression. In my case (which is almost certainly different from your unique case) I find that a supposedly sub-clinical dose of one of two SSRIs prevents me from sliding downhill. When I go on drug holidays I slowly slide downhill until my husband pulls me up and suggests that it is time to restart the medication. I have not had a serious case of depression for over twenty years now.
Interesting. I also appear to have a dopamine (rather than a serotonin) problem. At least we are protected from the opposite problem. I can't recall whether that is Parkinson's or a type of Schizophrenia. Whatever.
Long term depression is not unusual- I also suffer from it- one of the methods in clearing it up (somewhat) is to take anti-depressants for a year or more PAST the point where you fell better.

If you do not want to take medication then have you explored psychotherapy? I do long-term psychotherapy with kids and have also embarked on therapy myself as part of my training- and also as a result of having depression for most of my life - psychotherapy can help you explore the underlying reasons for your feelings and thoughts and may be able to help you dig your way out of them- however- a quick fix solution is also CBT - something that i do not like because I am a psychotherapist at heart :) but which a lot of people find very useful in altering their negative thought patterns that can lead to continued depression. I have seen both methods work and use both methods in my practice


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